Terms and Conditions

Commercial society ”INFOTURISM GRUP” SRL, INDO 1009600019091 with the head office in Chisinau mun., Centru sector, 24A, Puskin str., Republic of Moldova determines the general terms and conditions for using and purchasing the available touristic services.
These terms and conditions which can be amended from time to time are directly or indirectly applied (through distributors) to all our services which are on-line available, by e-mail or telephone. Accessing, looking for and using our web-site/our soft and/or by booking/payment you confirm that you agree, that you have read, understood and agreed all the terms and conditions specified below, without any restrictions, in case of disapproval of the described points you can not to use the provided services. These pages, their content and infrastructure and on-le booking service provided on these pages and by these pages („service”) represent the property, operated and provided by („Visitmoldova”, „noi”, „nostru” ori „noastre”) and are provided only for your usage, non-commercial under the terms and conditions specified below.


  1. By the web page and/or the specialized soft, „Visitmoldova” S.R.L. company and its affiliated partners offer an online database for booking and paying the touristic services, on the web page it can’t be placed the available offers of accommodation, transport, touristic tours, excursions as well as their prices at the interpellation moment.
  2. The information provided on our web page upon the client interpellation on the variants of excursions and accommodation, their prices represent the information provided by the partners of accommodation structures, transport companies as well as own touristic services which are provided upon request.
  3. By this website ( we offer an online platform through which we offer services of temporary accommodation (for ex.: hotels, motels, hostels and B&B, called “accommodation/accommodations˝) travel services, touristic excursions, transport which can be booked and through which the visitors of webpage can make booking.
  4. Services of the company Infoturism Grup are available exclusively for personal use and non-commercial. That is why the user has no permission to re-sell, use, copy, monitor, present, save or reproduce any content or information, software, products or services available on Visitmoldova webpage for any activity or commercial or competitive objective.
  5. Our webpage is not and should not be interpreted as a recommendation or guarantee for the benefit of (quality, level or rating of services) any variant of proposed touristic services.
  6. For every concrete request, the database form a variant of provided touristic services which corresponds to the objective situation of service availability according to the criteria required by the user/client.
  7. Any booking made on Visitmoldova will be considered as the intention of user to purchase a particular product or touristic service from the Touristic Service Provider. If the request of the user/client will be accepted, Visitmoldova sends a confirmatory e-mail.
  8. All touristic services published on website and/or by Visitmoldova soft depend on the availability of the Providers of Touristic Services (including the availability rules, transport, operation program which are imposed by providers of these services) and will be additionally applied to the Terms and Conditions stipulated by Visitmoldova.
  9. Terms of the Providers of Touristic Services can include provisions on different procedures of payment, obligations, cancellations, changes or restrictions of other nature. Some structures of accommodation or companies of transport can impose additional fees.
  10. Visitmoldova is not responsible for the collection of different additional local fees imposed by particular hotels.
  11. The Client is directly responsible for the observation of the conditions imposed by the Provider of Touristic Services on the transportation time, accommodation, excursions or any other rules.


  1. The package of touristic services is provided by „Infoturism Grup” S.R.L., who is responsible to provide the operative progress of programs and services respecting fully the services provided in the program or order of the Tourist.
  2. The Provider undertakes to offer the accurate and complete information ensuring the possibility of optimal choice of the type of purchased touristic services.
  3. These conditions are applied starting with the moment when purchasing touristic products and services by users. In the case when these conditions are at the integral disposal of the tourist as catalogue, folder, other records, agency site or other means of electronic communications (e-mail, chat etc.), the obligation to inform the tourist is considered fulfilled by the registration of this information in any of the documents of payment provided by the agency, not being necessary to conclude a framework contract on sale of touristic service packages in written form.
  4. In the case the services are not confirmed (accommodation, transport etc.), the agency will offer the tourist an alternative variant or will return back the whole payment in advance.
  5. The information and photos presented in the catalogues, special offers, site, advertisement materials represent and show the hotel style, description of the excursion, touristic route, general features, the images being indicative and they have an information character. The services can not correspond in all the cases with the photo from the catalogues, special offers, site, and advertising materials.
  6. All the conditions, rules and restrictions applied to a touristic package, excursions, transport are those dictated by the provider and other factors, independent on the will of Visitmoldova. These rules and the cost of the touristic package can be modified by the will of those who imposed them until to the moment of effective purchase, without Visitmoldova could be done in any way responsible.
  7. For presenting upon the request of the client on web of the variants of touristic packages, excursions represent the offer of Visitmoldova and the payment by the client and the payment by the client of a variant of offer represent the confirmation of the client consent to conclude the contract on touristic service with Visitmoldova. From the moment the touristic package is confirmed and paid according to the order selected by the client, the contract on sale of touristic services between the client and Visitmoldova is considered to be concluded.
  8. The client by paying the touristic service confirms that he understands that he concludes a contract of touristic services: transport, accommodation, excursion or other related touristic services.
  9. The payment of touristic service means that the user is acknowledged with all the conditions of the tariff and agrees them.
  10. The client undertakes to respect the terms of touristic services supply but the default or non-consumption of touristic services by the client do not offer the possibility of return or to some compensations related to the cost of services made by the provider.
  11. Visitmoldova is not responsible and compensations cannot be claimed in the following conditions:
    – the client was not on time at the destination indicated by the provider which is indicated in the order or touristic package; 
- the client has refused the transport due to some issues related to his personal documents (including the absence of the entry visa for the destination country, false visa, passport with interdiction, etc.) or in the situation of non-justified refusal;
    – other circumstances or cases of force majeure which cannot be foreseen or avoided by Visitmoldova.
  12. The client has the obligation to ensure that everything is ok from the view point of all formalities which are necessary for the travel (police, customs, health, passport, visa, etc), Visitmoldova has no responsibility toward the client from this view point.


  1. Visitmoldova through the afferent soft or webpage and other pages owned by the entities which cooperate with Visitmoldova provides to the Client/User its serviceswhich are described in details in the individual offers.
  2. The Client/User can send an application on booking an excursion, accommodation/hotel, event through webpage introducing all the necessary data in the form and/or other pages owned by entities which cooperate with Visitmoldova.
  3. Confirmation of application and tariff. Visitmoldova shows the shopping basket with the proposed touristic services and after the payment of the touristic services selected by the client, it sends a confirmation of the application on the e-mail address indicated by the Client/User. The confirmation contains the booking number and other details on the required touristic services, total value of services (available on the date of booking) as well as the payment receipt.
  4. The Client/User/ before the payment is obliged to check the accuracy of the introduced data.
  5. The Client/User follows to respect the indicated/established terms for the services which were paid.
  6. Information contained on webpage  and other promotional materials of Visitmoldova are presented on the moment they are established, further they can differ from real data depending on the fact that they support changes. All the information about the ordered touristic services corresponds to the existent situation on the moment the application is made and it cannot correspond to real data as they suffer changes.
  7. Visitmoldova uses exclusively the classification of hotels made by the companies – providers which ensure the service of Tourists on the territory of the country in presenting the information on the categories (number of stars) hotels. The classification of hotels by each company-partner according to the standards, its practices of business and they cannot coincide with the category (number of stars) which is defined by the official authorities or by the administration of the hotel.
  8. The client by paying the touristic services confirms that he understands a service contract and enters a direct legal relation with the transport company, accommodation units etc. The client also by paying the service accepts that in the case he will have some claims related to the touristic services has to present them directly to the accommodation, transport unit or to the agency depending on the situation. Visitmoldova is not the guarantee or representative of the accommodation unit or other providers of touristic services.
  9. The client undertakes to respect the laws, customs and traditions of the staying country, to respect the travel rules which are set by the administration of the hotel referring to transport means. In this case the Client pays in cash and wholly the prejudice caused to the mentioned above organization.
  10. The client through this contract declares that he agrees that the personal data to be processed by the provider in the tourist interest and for receiving periodical information (SMS, e-mail, telephone, catalogues etc.).


  1. As the answer to the interpellation made by the client/user in the searching form on webpage or thorough the afferent soft there are shown all the variants of touristic services which are accessible and costs available on the moment this inquiry is made.
  2. It is not possible to do cancelation or changes to some tariffs and special offers. The Client/User follows to check and he is obliged to inform the Provider in written form about all the changes, supporting the consequences exposed for the booked touristic services.
  3. For the payment with the banking card directly on the page, Visitmoldova will collect the amount for the touristic services in EUR, no matter what is the main currency of the payer card. Additionally, for minimalizing the effects of the Clint/User credit card fraud before issuing the confirmatory documents, Visitmoldova reserves the right to do randomly checking. All the tariffs and taxes can fluctuate due to the change of exchange rate.
  4. The cost for any service supposes conditions, rules and special restrictions applicable to this service. The Client/User has the obligation to inform about these rules before this product is purchased. After the purchase of the service it is considered that the Client/User was informed about all these rules, he has no the right to say that he wasn’t informed.
  5. Other ways of payment except those which were presented on page direct banking transfer are not accepted we do not assume any responsibility for the amounts of money sent by courier.
  6. Depending on the terms and conditions imposed by the hotels in the moment of booking you can be required to pay fully or partially for the booked service and the payment will be made in the account of Visitmoldova, hotels or its representative.
  7. Visitmoldova or the Provider of Touristic Services reserves the right to collect additionally any taxes (or commissions) which can appear in the moment of booking by the payment through the credit cards. In this case you have the obligation to get informed on the applicable commissions.
  8. The Provider with the consent of the client has the right to change the proposed hotel with another hotel which is similar as regards the service class in the case when the booking in the hotels is not confirmed or other unforeseen circumstances without being obliged to pay any compensation. Failure to accept exonerates the Provider from liability.
  9. The Provider has the right to change the cost mentioned in the contract in the case the costs for the transport or the taxes for particular services are changed but notifying the client about this fact.
  10. In the case the travel is canceled by the decision of the Provider, the Client receives the paid amount of money. The Provider also has the right to change with another touristic service in the case in which either the Client receives a part of the paid amount, or the Client makes additional payment.
  11. The Client does not benefit from compensation for the amount corresponding to the not used period of travel in the case he refuses totally or partially the touristic service or interrupts the travel no matter what is the reason.


  1. This Regulation as well as the supply of our services are regulated by the in force law of the Republic of Moldova.
  2. In the case the purchased touristic service does not correspond to the conditions of this Contract, the Client is obliged to inform immediately the representative of the receiving party which will settle on the scene the appeared problems. Failure to execute this condition serves as the reason for the total or partial refusal for satisfying the claims. Otherwise, the Client has the right to make a protocol which is signed by the receiving party.
  3. The prejudices brought to the health of the client follow to be compensated only in the conditions of the insurance policy and is not supposed to an additional compensation.
  4. The contract enters into force in the moment there are accepted the contracting conditions of touristic services, including in the case of those purchased at distance by electronic means and it lawfully terminates together with the end of effective supply of the package of touristic services.
  5. Presentation by Visitmoldova of present general conditions supposes the obligation of the Client/User to read them. It is considered that the Client/User who has purchased the touristic service from Visitmoldova get acquainted with the content of these conditions and he will be not able to invoke further that he didn’t know them or was not informed about them.
  6. If not agreed otherwise, the information and any computerized programs, software which are necessary for the provision of services of Visitmoldova and which are used on webpage and respectively the copyright and economic rights on them as intellectual property which belong to Visitmoldova or its providers.
  7. All the litigations caused by this Regulation, with the contract on sale of plane tickets, transport contract and provision of our services are settled by negotiations or in the courts of the Republic of Moldova., if the Agency will not indicate others.
  8. According to the limitations established in this Regulation on service supply, Visitmoldova is responsible only for direct damages really caused or as a consequence of failure to execute our obligations within our touristic service provision and only in the limit of the commission collected from the Provider of this service.
  9. In the case a clause or a part of these conditions will be declared void, the clauses remained valid will continue to produce its effects.
  10. If there will appear claims in connection with the failure to execute or the non-corresponding execution of the obligations of Visitmoldova Company which are provided in these Terms and Conditions will not be settled by negotiations, then the order of claims will be settled. Any claim on the purchased service will be made in written form in a period of maximum 7 days from the date the claimed event produced. The term for answering to the submitted claim constitutes 30 calendar days.
  11. All the litigations appeared in connection to these Terms and Conditions and our service supply are settled in the competent courts of the Republic of Moldova.