Moldova- the grape country


Moldova- the grape country

“Our wine has been crafted by generations of winemakers in the largest cellars in the world appreciated by consumers in both east and west supported by legends that everyone can embrace.”

As we are approaching the period of Wine Festival in Moldova (this year cancelled due to Corona), we still want to reiterate some of the most important and well known facts about the Winemaking in Moldova.

Moldova has a well-established wine industry. With a production of more than 2 million hectolitres of wine, being the 11th largest European wine-producing country.  Moldova has a massive vineyard area  used for commercial production together with the vineyards planted in villages around the houses used to make home-made wine. Many families have their own recipes and strands of grapes that have been passed down through the generations.

Most of the country’s commercial wine production is for export, including Asia, European Union and United States.

In Moldova four regions for wine growing are to be found:

  • Balti (northern zone)
  • Codru (central zone)
  • Purcari (south-eastern zone)
  • Cahul (southern zone)

The most important region – the Southern area – is suitable for red sweet and semi-sweet wines.

And last but not least, Moldova has the largest underground cellars IN THE WORLD. See some of the most known below:

  • Cricova Underground Wine Cellars. Cricova Winery is the most visited in Moldova, known as one of the largest underground wine complex in the world. Not only its size but also the good quality of the wines are amazing.
  • Milesti Mici Underground Wine Cellars. Milestii Mici Winery stretches its underground galleries on an area of 200 km, of which 55 km are used for production, and the rest for storage. MilestiiMici has the largest wine collection in the world, which is why it entered the Guinness Book of Records.
  • Chateau Purcari. Purcari Winery, also holding the title of Château Purcari, is the oldest winery in the Republic of Moldova, dating from 1827.
  • Et Cetera Family Winery.Et Cetera is one of the youngest wineries in the territory of the Republic of Moldova, but it already managed to create a name on both the local and foreign markets.
  • Asconi Winery. Asconi is another family winery, founded in 1994. The territory and the building are made in a traditional style to preserve Moldavian customs.

During the first weekend of October, we are pleased to invite you to open a bottle of Moldovan wine and reiterate the very best memories of it.