Visit Moldova and experience its authenticity by spending time in one of the traditional agro-pensions


Visit Moldova and experience its authenticity by spending time in one of the traditional agro-pensions

Visit Moldova and experience its authenticity by choosing to spend your time in one of the traditional agro-pensions from the rural area.

Moldova’s agro-pensions – soul places where the beauty of nature and its tranquility combined with the energy flow makes you want to return countless amounts of times.

Eco-Resort Butuceni” is located on the territory of the Archaeological Complex Orhei Vechi, at a distance of only 50km from Chisinau. Here you can stay in traditional houses that have been renovated, but have kept their authentic Moldovan style, with stove, wooden furniture, traditional handicrafts and carpets. The restaurant’s kitchen offers a diverse menu with selected dishes, to suit everyone’s taste. Children can visit the farm, for interaction with the animal world.

Also in Orhei Vechi region we find some guesthouses in the neighboring village of Trebujeni.  Casa din Lunca“, “Casa Verde”, “Casa de sub Stinca“, “Vila Roz” and “Valea Stincii”. Each guesthouse is run by a family, who is always waiting for you and is happy to welcome its guests. Here you will feel at home, guesthouses have rooms in traditional style, with amenities to create maximum comfort.

Hanul lui Hanganu in Lalova village, Rezina district, 100km north from Chisinau, is located in an area of ​​rare beauty on the bank of the Dniester river. The owners of the pension Mr. Sergiu Hanganu and Mrs. Emilia Hanganu created a corner of heaven here. In their kitchen you will find the tastiest sarmalute (cabbage rolls) and the largest assortment of homemade vodka with different tastes like pear, cherry, quince etc. It is the perfect place for those who are passionate about fishing or boating. Nearby are Tipova Monastery (8km) and Saharna Monastery (45km).

“Casa Veche”, located in the meadow of the Dniester River, in the village of Palanca, Stefan Voda district, 140km south from Chisinau. The pension opened its doors for guests just recently, everything being arranged with love and care for traditions. A perfect choice for those who want to discover the south of Moldova. The Arama family will be your host and will do everything possible to make your experience beautiful and authentic. On the way to or while you are staying at “Casa Veche” you can visit the wineries Purcari and Et Cetera.

By choosing to spend your weekend in Moldova, in one of these pensions you will support the community in this village. The contribution of each of us is significant, and now more than ever this sector needs our support.