Cricova cellars


Cricova cellars

Being placed under the town of Cricova, the cellars form a true underground city with avenues, streets and broadways. Only their names seem to be so old: Cabernet, Feteasca, Riesling, Aligote, Sauvignon … Every street’s name corresponds to the wine brand preserved right there, in the adjacent niches.

Cricova winery was initially conceived as an elite wines producing enterprise, which were to be manufactured in accordance with strict classical rules of the European technologies. Afterwards “Cricova” relied heavily on its successful activity upon the original favorable conditions of the galleries which are spread at a distance of about 60 km – labyrinths with an unique microclimate. Here, all the year round, the temperature is constant ( +10-+12 °C) while the relative air humidity is about 97-98%. Namely these exclusively favorable  natural factors make possible the keeping and ageing of the vintage and classical sparkling wines, offering them an authentic character. The cellars are situated in the depth depending on the relief, ranging from 35 m at the entrance till 60-80 m in the Cellars. All the labyrinths, altogether with the production departments, cover about 53 ha of the underground space.

The originality of the Cellars is supported also on the impressing tasting complex consisting of few special decorated halls: “The Conference Hall”, “The Ocean Floor”, “Casa Mare” (meaning the traditional guest room in a Moldavian village house) and others.

The wines from Cricova collection have an ancient history: the oldest bottle is dated from 1902. The local guide will tell you the odyssey of some bottles from this collection that has got here after the Second World War. At the end of the excursion you can taste the most famous wines.