Lesser known wineries in Moldova


Lesser known wineries in Moldova

For hundreds of years, moldavians tame the vine – a symbol of continuity and eternity. Thus, our wines have become a bearer of our country’s fame in different parts of the world. And if many know about Cricova or Purcari, then there is less talk about smaller and family wineries. Now is the time to discover some family wineries in Moldova that can be proud of their high quality wines that are worth tasting.

1. Gogu Winery is a family winery, located in Causeni, with a history of over 15 years, born from simple equipment for amateurs and the desire for creating quality wines that emphasize the peculiarities of the local terroir. The founder of the company IlieGogu, a valuable winemaker with a rich experience in wine technology, managed to create truly special, unique and memorable wines with a distinguished character, by combining modern technologies with traditional values. The wines produced by Gogu Winery have been highly appreciated by professional wine tasters, as confirmed by 16 gold medals won at prestigious international competitions such as Berliner Wine Trophy, Asian Wine Trophy, Mundus Vini, International Wine Contest Bucharest and others. In 2017, at Gogu family’s homestead, a tasting room was constructed, that offers visitors the opportunity to taste the wines directly from the cellar in combination with the delicacies of local traditional cuisine.

2. ATU Winery is the first urban winery in Moldova, located in Chisinau, which has its doors wide open for visitors throughout the year. ATU Wines are produced in very small editions, 1000-3000 bottles, which allows them to draw the most attention to every drop of wine. All wines are produced manually, from harvest to labeling. At ATU winery you will be met by producer Victor himself, who will tell stories and answer any questions about wine. ATU is a new brand, created in 2016, but the achieved is due to the unique wines obtained due to the small quantity processed.

3. Poiana Winery is located in Ulmu, in the middle of a wonderful meadow, surrounded by the most beautiful secular forests. The main purpose of the winery is to capitalize on the unique natural resources in the forest area. The wine produced on the Poiana Winery vineyard is cared for with great passion by the workers, the grapes being collected manually from the fruitful vineyards in mid-autumn, ripe in the sun. The wine obtained is full of passion and with a noble taste that will surely delight you.

4. Salcuta winery, located in the village with the same name, in Causeni district, is the only winery in Moldova, with a legacy passed to three generations and gifted with unique terroir of ȘtefanVodă region.Salcuta winery is named the Best Winery in Moldova for being a high quality wines producer, promotion of the traditions and excellent quality of the local wines, contributing to the country’s image as a wine country on a global level , as well as for the devotion to the development of the Moldovan wine tourism. The Salcuta wine collections having a special identity, are characterized by refined and noble tastes, pure, full of innovation and harmony.

5. Gitana Winery – Tiganca Winery is the place where Gitana wines were born, which is not just a simple wine, but a true heritage and the fruit of hard work, namely the fruit of the passion for winemaking of the Dulgher family. Gitana wines are complex and elegant wines, created in a special style, which manage to include in their essence the specificity and character of the area they come from, Traian’s Wave.These wines will surprise you with the sensuality of rich aromas, with an accentuated fruitfulness and expressiveness.