Moldova. Autumn is the time to visit!


Moldova. Autumn is the time to visit!

The first thing you’ll notice when you arrive in Moldova is how hospitable Moldovans are.  Besides being the „Country of open doors in wine paradise”, as wine production is a massive part of Moldovan entity, anybody is welcomed here. Moldova is the country willing to receive visitors all year around. But, during fall, you will feel the most right aura of this country. Here, are some reasons why:

1. Wine Festival highlighted by the  longest and biggest underground wine cellars in the world. Milestii Mici Winery along with Cricova Winery are the most popular wineries, both with impressive collections of wines. Both wineries have been visited and keep collections for famous people and presidents.  Autumn is the time to discover the wonderful wines of Moldovan region, as it’s the period of Wine Festival. Besides, the 2 weekend days where all wineries of the country are open for visitors, there is the period of many wine related events, such as Wine Run (a unique trail racethrough vineyard, which takes place on the territory of Chateau Purcari winery with lots of famous wine varieties: Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Rose etc.) or MUST Fest (an event that celebrates the glory season of the vine).

2. Food to die for. Moldovan cuisine is a mix of influence of different cuisines. Autumn being the period of fresh fruits and vegetables, you can take part in different food related festivals, such as  BOSTANIADA (the event that celebrates all autumn fruits and the splendor of this season, through a special exhibition of the biggest and strangest pumpkins) or GRAPE festival (an event to promote local grapes and seasonal fruit producers). I will not even bother to write anything more about food, I’ll just leave a photo. You’re welcome!

3. Chisinau Patron Feast. Planning to visit Moldova during fall, plan yourself a free day for Chisinau Day.  In October, all residents of the city meet in the Grand National Assembly Square and celebrate the day of the capital, while having fun with fairs, master classes, food and live music.  

4. And last but not least. The color palete. The shades of yellow, red and orange will transport you right in the middle of  Georgia O’Keeffe’s Autumn leaves painting. Maybe it’s time for you to collect some memories of Autumn in Moldova just like she collected leafs besides Lake George and understood the striking diversity of shape and color.