Moldova is the destination for your gastronomic tour. You know why?


Moldova is the destination for your gastronomic tour. You know why?

People visit Moldova for its wine and stay longer for its food, which is absolutely delicious. If you’ll chose a 3-day-tour or a week tour, you will get the chance to taste the cuisine, influenced by elements from the Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Gagauz, Russian, Turkish and even Greek cuisine.

Moldovans have their own traditions in all regions of the country, just like the famous local dishes. In the eastern regions the Ukrainians prefer the borsch soup, in the south Bulgarians will highlight the traditional sauce – chicken mandzha, and the Gagauz – shourpa, a lamb meat soup, in Russian communities the pelmeny are highly popular.

You simply must try:
– Mamaliga (dense maize porridge) with cow/goat/sheep cheese, sour-cream, tocana (stewed pork), fried fish with mujdei (garlic sauce).
– Sarmale (cabbage rolls) – rice wrapped in leaves of cabbage or grape with meat and vegetable stuffing.
– Placinte – Moldavian pie with various sweet or sour stuffing such as cheese, cabbage, cherry, pumpkin etc.
– Dumplings – stuf fed with cheese, potatoes or cherry
– Zeama –chicken soup with home-made nuddles
– Bors – vegetable soup with/out meatGhiveci – stewed vegetables with chopped eggplants
– Guguta’s Hat – dessert made of crepes and whipped cream in the form of a pyramid
– Dried plumps stuffed with nuts in cream sauce

Of course, there can be no meal without a glass of wine. In the rural areas, most of its inhabitants make their own home-made wine. In the urban areas, the famous Moldovan wineries are apreciated, the ones known and greated abroad.

Once you get to Moldova, don’t hesitate and try our traditional food. It will for sure meet you preferences regarding food!