Moldovan EcoLocal Farmers’ Market or where to find authentic goods


Moldovan EcoLocal Farmers’ Market or where to find authentic goods

The Association of Organic and Artisanal Consumers and Producers of Moldova has launched EcoLocal Farmers ’Market, an association of consumers and producers, which aims to develop the local market of eco and artisanal products and ensure effective communication between the two camps.

EcoLocal Farmers ’Market is founded by a group of volunteers, who want to contribute to the improvement of the local market by supporting organic and artisanal producers. The market supports local food businesses, farmers and artisanal producers who can market its products in an authentic format.

The products that are available on the EcoLocal market vary – from fruits and vegetables, spices, bread, cheeses, wines, juices, water, pastries, chocolate, jams, preserves, etc.
Two of the stalls in the EcoLocal market are allocated to non-food traders with handicrafts, including wood, knitting, photography, painting and more.
The market aims to:

• To provide organically grown products and high quality local handicrafts.

• Educate consumers and promote the benefits of local, organic and other food products that would support the local economy.

• Encourage more local producers to switch to certified organic farming

• To develop on the basis of non-profit activity, with the support of participants, Partners, state institutions and through grant funding in the field.

The presence of such a market in the Republic of Moldova also means increasing the capacity of local producers for the domestic market, strengthening consumer confidence in organic products, and increasing the demand for local products, which will certainly contribute to economic and social development of the country.

In 2018, each event of the EcoLocal market promoted a certain charity cause, inviting the respective NGOs with information stands. The market also includes a Gastronomic Theater with regular presentations of local chefs and seasonal products present at the market, as well as a children’s entertainment area.

Every month at the EcoLocal market promotes certain campaigns, as well:
– April – Post Delicious
– May – Vitamins for You
– June without Gluten
– July without Plastic
– August without Sugar
– September – Let’s go to school
– October – We Feed the World
– In November we plant
– December – We carol and Donate

The EcoLocal Farmers Market takes place weekly, on Saturdays, between 9.00 and 13.00, with free entry for visitors.