Stay active in Moldova


Stay active in Moldova

As small as it is, Moldova offers a diversity of touristic activities that will help you uncover its beauty. Even if the country has no access to sea or mountains, it still has a vast list of places that will keep you moving. From the rocky hills in the North, which are good for hiking and tracking, to the beautiful vineyards where you can ride a bike or just have long strolls. Read bellow how can you explore our beautiful country and stay active.

Boat rides or kayaking
Moldova lays between two beautiful rivers, Prut and Nistru, and has many more other smaller rivers flowing through its veins. This offers people the opportunity to take on the water element and explore the beautiful parts of the shores while you row a bot alone, or with your friends and family. With kayaking tours you get to exercise while your eyes wonder around the beautiful sights and nature, and during stops, you get to have a picnic in the heart of the nature. You can even stay overnight in the camping tents and share stories at bonfire.

Cycling tours
For those who prefer the wind caressing their faces, while they adventure into the, a bike ride is the best choice. There is no limit of how much can you explore during a ride, as you can uncover the most popular locations: the beauty of the grapes in the vineyards as you swift past them, the highest peaks with the best view, the smallest villages with its hidden traditions, the small alleys. All this waiting for you take on the ride and just explore at your hearts content, or take an organized tour and see everything as a local.

Hiking and tracking
Even though, there is no access to the mountains, the relief of Moldova offers a variety of rocky hills with caves and rivers running between them, creating beautiful scenery that changes through the season. You can go tracking from one village to another through Orhei Vechi region, or you can take on a harder task and just hike through the gorges of Trinca, or through the Duruitoarea’s highest peaks. Feel the cool water from the small waterfalls, take off your shoes and just walk through the green grass, gather some wildflowers, watch a herd of sheep or cattle, trespassing the hills, make photos or just lay down under a tree, after a few hours of exploration.

Off-road tours
If you are a fan of adrenaline rushing through your veins, then off-road rides are the best choice. Get on a 4×4 car and conquer the hills, get splashed by water or mud and feel that energy of freedom as the skilled drivers perform some intense tricks that will leave you wanting more.

If you are interested in any of these activities, please contact us and we will do our best to make your vacation extraordinary!