Top 5 Worth Visiting Moldavian wineries


Top 5 Worth Visiting Moldavian wineries

Cricova Underground Wine Cellars
Cricova Winery is the most visited in Moldova, known as one of the largest underground wine complex in the world. Not only its size but also the good quality of the wines are amazing. In 1952, when looking for a possibility to keep the wines at optimal temperatures, one of the ideas was to use the quarries from which the stone was extracted. After this decision, it was found that the wine kept and matured in Cricova, has unique qualities. Cricova underground galleries stretch over a total territory of 80 km, with a unique microclimate, constant all year round.

In case you have decided to visit Moldova, you should make a stop at these cellars, as the architecture, quality of the wines and wine collections, will not leave you disappointed.

Chateau Purcari
Purcari Winery, also holding the title of Château Purcari, is the oldest winery in the Republic of Moldova, dating from 1827. It was founded on the territory of an Afon-Zograf Monastery, and during its existence, has won countless medals for wine quality. In the Purcari collection, there are also world-renowned wines,such as Roșu de Purcari and Negru de Purcari, which were served at the tables of Queen Victoria and King George V of the United Kingdom, as well as at the Russian Tsar Nicholas II.

Today, on the territory of Purcari Winery, there is a restaurant with exceptional cuisine, a rustic hotel, vineyards, lakes and orchards arranged for walks.

Et Cetera Family Winery
Et Cetera is one of the youngest wineries in the territory of the Republic of Moldova, but it already managed to create a name on both the local and foreign markets. Et Cetera Winery is the place where wine traditions meet the notion of family and its importance in everyone’s life. Here the emphasis is on culture, traditions, communication, and of course tasty wine, which is not missing from the table of any Moldavian.

In case you have decided to visit the South-East part of the country, do not hesitate to make a stop at Et Cetera. The guided excursion is made by one of the founders of the winery, who pours you wine straight from the barrels! At the same time, here you can participate in various cooking masterclasses, as well as enjoy a bike ride through the vineyards surrounding the winery.

Asconi Winery
Asconi is another family winery, founded in 1994. The territory and the building are made in a traditional style to preserve Moldavian customs. Any visitor to this winery will feel at home with his grandmother, serving delicious wines, as well as local bread, baked in the oven right in the winery’s yard. You won’t find the atmosphere here at other wineries, that’s why you should visit it as soon as possible!

And don’t forget to try the Ice Wine produced by Asconi, a taste you won’t find anywhere else!

Milesti Mici Underground Wine Cellars
Milestii Mici Winery stretches its underground galleries on an area of 200 km, of which 55 km are used for production, and the rest for storage. Milestii Mici has the largest wine collection in the world, which is why it entered the Guinness Book of Records. The “Golden Collection” holds over 2 million bottles. Nowadays, anyone can visit the winery, to walk on the underground streets named after the various types of wine, and to taste the elite reserves.