Tourist Attractions in Moldova – Hidden Gems


Tourist Attractions in Moldova – Hidden Gems

During your stay in Moldova, you will be probably visiting the most famous attractions like Orhei Vechi Cave Monastery, Cricova and Milestii Mici Winery, Chisinau City and its museums, etc. However, our beautiful country has way more to offer. Bellow you can read about a few other least visited places that are worth your time.

Honey House (Honey Museum)
Situated in the northern part of Moldova, in Raciula village, Honey House it’s a small family business based on honey and its products. Here you will be able to hear how the honey is made and cultivated, the life of bees, their types as well as see the inside of a beehive. Moreover, for those with a sweet tooth out there, this is the best place to get a taste of different honeys. You will also be given an opportunity to buy a souvenir form a range of honey related products (honey, candles, honey liquors, jams, health products,etc).

Casa Părintească (Parents’ House Museum)
Located in the village of Palanca, also in the North of Moldova. It’s an old traditional Moldavian house, that belongs to Tatiana Popa- who decided to renovate and keep the house in the memory of her parents, and turned it into a rural artisanship museum. Here you can see how ia true traditional house looked like, with décor elements, national clothes, and also, you can participate in masterclasses, such as carpets crafting, sewing, cooking, etc. Next to the museum, there is also a beautiful wooden church from 18th century.

Kolkhoz Pobeda
If you are into sovjet history, then this place is a “must“visit attraction. Kolkhoz was a form of a collective farm in Sovjet Union, and “Pobeda” (translated as “victory”), is the last remaining working kolkhoz in these parts of the Europe, located in Copceac village, in independent administrative region- Gagauzia. Although it’s not as prosperous as back in times, it still helps a lot the population in that region, and the spirit of collective work is still strong. Here you will be given an option of visiting the main administrative building, hear the story from the locals, help with harvesting during season, and have a traditional gagauzian lunch at the sovjet canteen.

Causeni “Assumption of Our Lady” Church
The church located in Causeni city, is a historical monument, with its beautiful frescoes, built between XVII-XVIII century. It is a very small building, half- buried into the ground, as during those times, there was a rule for the churches to be no higher than a man on a horse. The mural paintings that make the church famous represent the last stage in the development of the medieval fresco in Moldova, with an influence of Byzantine art.
Although, currently closed for restauration, please make sure to visit it once it’s open again for the public.

Duruitoarea Veche Gorge
Duruitoarea Veche is a gorge located in the North of Moldova, famous for its beautiful landscapes. The region has rocky hills and it was once an old settlement from Stone Age. Many archeological discoveries were made here and many are still under research. This area is perfect for hiking and tracking, and if you get tired by the end of the day, you can make a stop at Duruita Camping and have a freshly caught fish for dinner. There is also a Grote and a small waterfall to be exploredduring your stay here. So during your next visit to Moldova, make sure to visit these parts, the views will definitely not disappoint you!