Tours to Moldova

Wine Castle MIMI

Wine Castel MIMI

3,5 hours
Castel Mimi is a high quality wine producer with a long history. Our experts are creating incomparable wines, led by...
ASCONI Winery!


3,5 hours
The Winery was founded in 1994 and to this day remains a family business. Their aim is to make the...
Soroca & Gypsy Hill

Soroca and Gypsy Hill!

Soroca and Gypsy Hill! Tour to the north part (200 km) in the Soroca city. Visit of the medieval fortress...
Orhei Vechi Tour

Orhei Vechi!

4 hours
Visiting Orheiul Vechi region (museum on the open air) – the unique cave monastery (13th cent.), carved in limestone rock...
Purcari & Et Cetera

Purcari Winery & Et Cetera Winery – two wineries in one tour!

8 hours
Visit to Purcari’s Winery. Wine-tour of cellars and tasting of wine, such as “Negru de Purcari” and “Rosu de Purcari,...
Transnistria (Bender-Tiraspol)

Transnistria tour

6 hours
The possibility to discover a country which does not exist –  Transnistria Take an incredible back-in-time journey to the country...
Cricova Wine Cellars

Excursion to Cricova Cellars

3 hours
Starting the excursion with visiting Cricova cellars. One of the most popular cellars, which contains the biggest collection of exclusive...
Milestii Mici Cellars

Excursion to Milestii Mici Wine Cellars

3 hours
Republic of Moldova has obtained the title of “country with open doors in the paradise of wine”, because wine production...
Chisinau City Tour

Walking Chisinau City tour (2 hours)

2 hours
The walking tour of the city center: the main street of the capital – Stefan cel Mare, the Central Cathedral,...