Which Moldovan museum to visit next?


Which Moldovan museum to visit next?

Moldova is the country of wonderful culture and multiple traditions. Take some time to visit the places where all items of artistic, cultural, historical and scientific importance are kept.

Here are some of Moldovan museums definitely worth visiting:

– National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History, founded in 1889 on the basis of the collection of exhibits of the first agricultural exhibition of Bessarabia at the initiative of Baron A. Stuart. Thus, it is the oldest museum in the Republic of Moldova, functioning at the moment. Despite numerous reorganizations throughout its history, the museum has retained two specific areas – the study of the nature and culture of Bessarabia.

– National Museum of Archaeology and History with over 263,000 exhibits, 165,000 of which belong to the national heritage, founded in 1983. In the museum yard there is the Capitoline Wolf, the copy of the one in Rome. Every year almost 15 exhibitions are held in the museum; which are important events in Moldova.

– National Museum of Fine Arts, founded in 1939 by Alexandru Plamadeala, this museum in Chisinau has attracted the attention of many people of culture who have entrusted their masterpieces, and certainly many visitors have appreciated the tourist complex in the center of the capital. The architecture of the exterior and interior building, the art of beauty predominates highlighted through the prism of the human soul, which has a splendid collection of plastic paintings of great local and European painters, recently added and those of Russia, Western Europe, Japan, India, China.

– Manuc Bey Estate Museum, located in the southern part of city of Hincesti and includes the following buildings: Manuc’s Palace, the Old Man’s House, the Countess’s Building, the Hunting Castle, the Watchtower etc. The mansion is also an architectural monument registered in the Register of Cultural Monuments of the Republic of Moldova.

– Alexander Pushkin House, where the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin was forced by authorities to leave the capital of tsarist Russia for a period of three years. On 21st of September 1820 he came to Chisinau and is established in house of general Inzov (now turned into a museum).