The beginning of a long journey. Good luck, little Moldova.


The beginning of a long journey. Good luck, little Moldova.

Tourism industry in Moldova and  worldwide  has found itself in remarkable circumstances this year. WE have no precedent in this case, but we do know that our best response relies on the sort of global empathy, cooperation and community building that sit in the heart of the movement.

It is easy to forget that the world and more specifically, the tourism industry has been hit before by flu pandemics, natural disasters, political instability or economic recession and still came out stronger with more adversity surrounding each event.

It’s  important to remember why we travel.

The world through traveling is such an amazing place,  that provides momentary breaks from daily lives. It’s adventure and excitement.  It’s building and strengthening relationships.  It’s learning. It’s relaxing, sharing and celebrating. It’s eye opening. It’s heartwarming. It’s pleasure.

And just like that, traveling for pleasure can be seen in Egypt as early on as 1500 BC.

Thankfully, the history shows tourism being extremely resilient and bouncing back from all such events. Throughout these challenging times, our hearts must and will remain open for all. It’s the beginning of a long journey.

Until then: Good luck, little Moldova. Good luck, World.

Photo credits: Mihaela Artemi-Bagrii & Tatiana Ursu