14 октября

“День города Кишинев”

Chisinau City Day, or Hramul Chisinaului, is a Russian Orthodox religious festival commemorating The Intercession of the Holy Virgin.
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27 сентября

“Ethno Jazz Festival”

The first edition of the famous jazz festival in Moldova was held in 2002 and was organized by band „Trigon”, headed by Anatol Stefanet.
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04 сентября

“Maria Biesu Opera and Ballet Festival”

During the annual Invită Maria Bieşu festival famous orchestra conductors, opera singers, and ballet dancers perform on two stages in Chisinau.
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31 августа

“Праздник Limba Noastra”

In Chisinau, Limba Noastra day opens with the laying of flowers at the foot of the monument to Stefan cel Mare and the classics of Romanian literature
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09 мая

“Europe Day”

Starting from 2014, the Europe Day is marked in Moldova on May 9, in the capital city’s central square. Caravan "Europe for everyone" is held at the c
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27 апреля

“День Государственного флага Молдовы”

Since April 2010, the Flag Day of Moldova is celebrated on 27 April each year. On this day in 1990, the tricolor was officially adopted by the Supreme
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01 марта

“Музыкальный Фестиваль Мэрцишор”

Every year the first days of spring are marked by opening of the Martisor Musical Festival. The 47th edition will be held in 2013. During the first te
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06 октября

“Wine Festival”

The Moldova wine festival, officially named "National Wine Day", takes place in Chisinau during the first weekend in October at the end of the grape h
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27 августа

“День независимости Р. Молдова”

On Independence Day events are organized throughout Moldova, with the largest and most important in Chisinau, where the day is celebrated with an open
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16 июля

“Международная гончарная ярмарка”

Each July, the village of Hoginesti hosts an international potter fair. The fair aims to revitalize the craft of traditional pottery and promote it as
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19 июня

“Duminica Mare”

In 2016, the 12th edition of the National Touristic Festival of Traditions “Duminca Mare” will be held in Domulgeni village, Floresti, in the village
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